LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — J. Dapper has owned Huntridge Shopping Center for several years and is hoping to help someone launch their business to help boost the area.

It’s someone who believes in Las Vegas and downtown Las Vegas. We are looking for someone either someone who has a couple of restaurants, a manager and with experience, a chef or cook,” Dapper tells 8 News Now.

The new business would fill the last space inside the shopping center while the developer says it will generate more foot traffic for other businesses.

“What we are looking for in the concept that you submit a menu, some information about the person and we want some picture like a mood board to see what it would look like,” added Dapper.

Last year, Elliot Chester took a risk when he opened this barbershop next door. He says the promotion would help a new owner eliminate many headaches.

“It’s getting a lot busier, it’s nice to see people venture from the downtown,” Chester tells 8 News Now. “Really it’s an opportunity to live out a dream. A big hurdle for a startup to open is the big expenses.”

To attract more applicants, Dapper tells 8 News Now he has other businesses looking to lend a hand.

“Our business bank, Meadows Bank they’ve agreed that the winner will get a bank account with $5,000 in it. We’ve got some local food vendors who have agreed to basically fill the restaurant with food,” added Dapper.

The winner of the promotion will be selected by their ideas and game plan as well as their food.

Dapper says he hopes to have the new business up and running by the start of next year.

For more information on how to apply, click this link.