LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) expects a resolution later Tuesday for the issue that delayed Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) payment processing. They say there is no action needed on claimants’ part.

The department cites work on implementing new American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) programming as the cause of the delay.

“DETR is aware of an issue that delayed PUA payment processing last night,” a statement on Twitter reads. “Work to implement the new ARPA programming caused the issue; DETR expects it to be resolved later today.”

DETR says once the issue is resolved, payments will be caught up shortly.

This comes as hundreds of unemployment claimants were worried about not getting paid this week. They said they are missing a payment notification on their portal.

After claimants file Sunday, they typically get a posting on their portal that payments are going to be made. Many thought it was an issue with Bank of America, but DETR said it was the system update issue.

“I am worried about not getting paid and more issues down the line,” said claimant Enrico Santarelli.

He is one of many missing the payment notification.

“The thing that gets posted after midnight on Monday, now, we are way into Tuesday, and nobody has seen any money yet,” said Santarelli.

Popular online Facebook assistance pages show there are a number of people in that same boat.

“It seems to be an overwhelming response of people who did not get paid,” said Santarelli.

Some thought the problem may have come from Bank of America, the bank that is used for benefits, but a representative says they don’t have any signs of an issue.

“What we have seen happen, not so much on the UI side, I think it’s kind of like 50/50 at this point, majority on the PUA side, is that payments didn’t post,” said Amber Hansen, the administrator of one of those popular Facebook groups.

She says many are trying to get information from DETR, but she believes it may have something to do with the bank or the software used, called “Geographic Solutions.”

“I just spoke to one of the administrators of the Arizona Facebook group, who also used “Geosol” as a vendor, and their payments were also delayed,” Hansen shared. “They usually get paid Mondays, but they did not get paid until today.”

Again, DETR says the problem stems from the update for the latest relief bill, and they expect postings and payments to be fixed later Tuesday.