DETR: 480K unemployment claims filed, 96K not eligible

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The director for Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation office said while some Nevadans may not be receiving unemployment benefits, the state has paid out 81% of all eligible claims filed.

During a Friday news conference, Heather Korbulic said of the eligible filers who file weekly, 268,593 or 81% have had their paid. She said DETR has paid out a total of $1.6 billion in claims, so far.

(This is the news conference in its entirety)

She also talked about claims that haven’t been paid and why. According to her, as of May 16, 460,718 claims were filed and 96,225 were not eligible for benefits. Another 46,956 claims are in pending status. Those are claims that DETR must adjudicate. Korbulic said the largest pool are people with separation issues “theres a question about how or why they lost their job.” She said they are making progress in that area because at one point, those pending claims were more than 120,000.

According to Korbulik, here are some of the reasons impacting filers this past week:

  • 9,317 filers were employed or not eligible because their earnings for the week were greater than the weekly benefit amount allowed.
  • 16,092 had insufficient hours or wages for this week’s time period.
  • 43,535 did not file a claim for the week – federal law requires filers must file a weekly

She said it’s also important that filers understand how the benefits work.

“It is for individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. These are people whose employer paid into the unemployment insurance system and who earned enough wages and worked enough hours to be eligible for benefits,” she said.

Korbulik praised her staff for working long hours, including overnight to process claims.

“Nevada has the most unemployed people per capita in the nation’s insured workforce and we’ve paid out 81% of claims week after week. We know is there is lots of work to be done. We have done it with a bare bones unemployment insurance crew and It crew.”

She said DETR is in the process of hiring staff to get through the pending claims as fast as possible. She also mentioned a cloud-based phone system is being implemented to help with the overload of phone calls.

She did note that one problem they’ve been made aware of involves specific mobile carriers that result in people getting an instant busy signal when they call. She said the unnamed mobile carriers are working to resolve the issue.

DETR will keep its call center open Memorial Day for phone calls on standard unemployment and PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) claims.

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