LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — While many are used to the Las Vegas city lights, shows and amazing food, the Waldorf Astoria says it’s the first hotel to bring a classic, but elegant experience. You will find the hotel’s tea lounge on the stylish 23rd floor.

“Tea is just going to get more attraction,” Chintan Dadhich, general manager of Waldorf Astoria, told 8 News Now. “This space really lets you experience Vegas from an eaglised standpoint.”

He says tea service started 10 years ago, providing a unique experience.

“When you come to Vegas and you think of Las Vegas, afternoon tea is not the first thing that comes to mind,” said Dadhich.

But the elegant afternoon tea and amazing view have been a popular attraction for not just tourists, but locals, too.

“We start with an array of teas that are offered to you,” Dadhich explained.

Multiple infusions, multiple favors and tea experts take you through the menu.

“Next comes the culinary delights, that are then paired with your tea service.”

From Oolong tea to flowery Earl Gray and even cherry blossom, you will find yourself discovering tranquility in a cup of tea.

“That actually comes with culinary delights, such as macarons, that are paired perfectly with them,” Dadhich mentioned. “There is tea sandwiches, which are decadent.”

And if you’re looking for the perfect photo opportunity, the tea lounge is the perfect destination.

“Right from the time you get to the hotel from our front drive to the gold wall on the 23rd level and this beautiful view here in the tea lounge, as well as the SkyBar next to it,” Dadhich said. “We are absolutely Instagram friendly.”

They’ve even added a unique vending machine for some bubbly.

The experience welcomes all ages, with prices resting at $58 for adults and $30 for kids. Reservations are recommended three to four weeks in advance.