LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One of the best ways to enjoy Lake Mead is by boat which offers a different view and the opportunity to do some exploring.

Callville Bay Marina is located on the northwestern side of the lake and it has a marina, camping area and lots of rental boats.

“Lake Mead and Mohave have been my home for the last 22 years,” said Chad Taylor, director of sales of marketing for Lake Mead Mohave Adventures.

He’s fortunate to live in such an impressive area with non-stop beautiful scenery.

“Callville Bay, specifically where we are today, is somewhere I lived when I was a little bit younger and have been running around and houseboating for almost 20 years now,” he said.

Houseboat rentals are making waves this summer as more people are doing staycations for the family.

“Houseboating kind of died out over the last 10 years and we’ve recently seen a spike and reservations, obviously everyone wanting to get outdoors,” Taylor said.

While houseboats offer luxury amenities for days, there are other water crafts available.

“So, we have a 16-foot fishing skiff like a small aluminum boat for two to three passengers and would get you out on the lake for a day,” he said.

They also offer deck boats which can hold eight to 10 passengers, ski boats for water skiing and wakeboarding.

“You can get anywhere into $200 or $300 and upwards $600 to $700 to the patio pontoon boats that would be around $900 to $1,100 for a day.”

The Callville Bay area has many secluded coves to soak up the sun, fish and even spot desert bighorn sheep.

“Once they get out here it’s some of the most surreal settings,” Taylor said.