Desert Shores community members share concerns over disruptive visitors

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Since COVID-19 closures started in March, some in the Desert Shores neighborhood told 8 News Now some private amenities have been overrun by disruptive visitors. 

“It’s a neighborhood,” one resident said. “It’s a community”

Some living in the northwest valley community, near Buffalo Drive and Cheyenne Avenue, shared concerns over recent changes and efforts to protect a quiet peace. 

“We love visitors here,” the resident added. “We just want them to be respectful.”

Those who spoke with 8 News Now shared instances of a lot more guests enjoying outdoor, socially distant amenities. 

While they don’t mind the extra company, they’ve reported many leaving trash, disrupting the area’s animals and driving dangerously. 

“We live on the water,” the resident who spoke with 8 News Now explained. “And there’s a lot of times when there’s bottles and trash and I had to scoop it out.”

“We don’t like you using the streets to race around,” the person continued. “Because we have ducks, we have children, we have water fowls.”

While the spot may appear public, the community’s website states it is reserved for homeowners, residents and their guests.

It adds that anyone without a Desert Shores ID may be asked to leave. 

“Watch for all the laws,” Desert Shores resident Homayoun Beheshti said to guests. “For example, you are not supposed to feed the birds. Some people come and bring a box of seeds and keep feeding the ducks.”

Therefore, the next time someone in the valley considers a visit to what some call an ultimate oasis, they’re urged to remember it’s someone else’s backyard. 

“Enjoy it but be responsible and respectful,” a neighbor concluded. that’s all we ask.”

Neighbors who live in Desert Shores also pay two homeowner’s association fees, which include the upkeep of amenities. 

Therefore, they are charged with any mess visitors make. 

Some also reported guests smoking by the water, which is not permitted in the Desert Shores community.

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