Famed brothel owner and Nevada assembly candidate Dennis Hof has lost the license to his Love Ranch Brothel. 

The brothel’s license, liquor license, and the female worker’s cards were all surrendered to the Sheriff’s Office, and the property is currently closed. 

The Nye County Sheriff’s office released this statement: 

“The Liquor and Licensing Board, Lorinda Wichman, Chairperson,  voted 3-2 with one abstaining, then 4-1 with one member abstaining to decline to renew the Love Ranch Brothel License for the new fiscal year.  Then went on to decline the renewal of the Love Ranch Bar Liquor License.  The Chair directed the Nye County Sheriff to retrieve the licenses for both businesses and inform the occupants of the closure.

The Executive Manager of Dennis Hof contacted the Sheriff and indicated that they would not allow the Nye County Sheriff’s Deputies on the premises. Therefore, a warrant was submitted and granted by Pahrump Justice of the Peace Margaret Whittaker to enter and retrieve the licenses and the work cards.

Upon arrival, the Brothel personnel opened their doors to the Nye County Sheriff’s Deputies, surrendered the licenses and the work cards without a problem. There was no confrontation on either side, and we were informed an appeal will be forthcoming. 

The District Attorney, Liquor and Licensing Board Chairperson, County Manager and Board as well as County Commission Chair were notified after the fact.”

But a madam at the Love Ranch says there’s something else behind the lockout.

“It’s more political shenanigans, and it’s at the expense of the people here at the brothel,” said Sonja Bandolik, Love ranch madam.

Bandolik shot the video of sheriff’s deputies confiscating the brothel’s operating license, liquor license, along with the employee’s work cards on Tuesday.

“They’re trying to get back at Dennis,” said Bandolik. “They have lawsuits; there’s three federal lawsuits against them. They’re trying to do a little payback, and what they’re doing is hurting the people that work here.” 

County commissioners say they denied renewal permits because the brothel’s application was incomplete. Commissioner Dan Schinhofen says Hof has racked up a number of violations over the past few years, like having signs in the public right of way and not getting inspections after moving portable buildings.    

“So when it came time for renewal, I could not in good conscience give this man a privilege license,” Schinhofen said.  

Shinhofen says there is no political motivation behind his vote.

“I’d say that Mr. Hof’s looking for press,” said Shinhofen. “You know, there’s nothing in there; anything I’ve ever brought forward that was politically motivated.”  

Instead, Shinhofen accuses Hof of not caring to follow the law.

But, Bandolik and Hof say many of the issues of the past two years have been manufactured.

“So all of those things that they mentioned; most of them are blatant lies,” said Bandolik. 

Schinhofen says Hof would have to reapply for a new brothel license in order to re-open. 

Bandolik says Hof’s lawyers are working on an appeal.

It’s an issue that might not be resolved anytime soon.