LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Its dual arching staircases were inspired by “Gone with the Wind.” Its living room was used for a scene in a very Las Vegas movie “Casino.”

All gone now. Demolition was completed Friday on the Hartland Mansion, the property rich in Vegas history and character east of the Arts District and also known as “Mansion 54.”

According to the mansion’s website, the manor featured Ginger Rogers dancing, Willie Nelson singing and visits from Elvis, Michael Jackson and Miss Piggy and the Muppets. Add Sinatra, Groucho, Marilyn and Liberace to the list.

The Harland Mansion was built in the 1940s, the Nevada Film Commission says at its website. It began as two separate properties, but in the 1970s it became one.

Gospel singer Toni Hart purchased the property in 1980 for $190,000, but fires in 1980 and 1981 leveled it. Hart used the same exterior design and floor plan as the original mansion to rebuild but made it bigger.

The mansion, according to the film commission, tripled in size, and the rebuild took seven years to complete.

The mansion started to be rented out for weddings and other events in the mid 1980s, and Hart officiated many nuptials until dying in 2014.

County records show the home was sold in May for $4 million to Lanny Dean Love, owner of the Adult Superstores.

8 News Now reached out to Love earlier this month but did not hear back.

 Christian Cazares contributed to this report.