Democratic party caucus volunteers concerned about new ‘tool’

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Democrats revealed they’re using a new tool to make the vote counting process easier during the Nevada caucus — all to avoid what happened in Iowa. But not everyone feels confident in their plan.

The Nevada caucus is fast approaching. Caucus day is 13 days away, and early voting starts in just six days. The new tool was announced at volunteer training sessions on Saturday, but volunteers 8 News Now spoke with are skeptical that things will run smoothly.

Seth Morrison is a site leader and democratic volunteer for the Nevada caucus and says there’s very little information about the new tool state party leaders plan to use on February 22nd.

“I’m afraid, we’ve got to fix this,” Morrison said. “They kept reinforcing that it is not an app, but it is a software product that is going to be on an iPad, which is a game of semantics.”

Visuals of the “tool” from Saturday’s volunteer training presentation, obtained by CBS News, look very much like an app. Nevada Democrats originally planned to use the same app as the Iowa caucus but a spokeswoman told 8 News Now last week “no app” will be used here, following a delay in the Iowa caucus results.

But Morrision is still worried.

“I want this thing to work, and if they don’t make some changes, we’re going to be Iowa the second time,” Morrison said.

Multiple democrats tell CBS News the “tool” will assist with tabulating the results on the day of the caucus. Morrision tells 8 News Now that includes adding the early voting results to the caucus day results and calculating delegates, based on the caucus realignment.

Volunteers have yet to practice using the new “tool” themselves, because the party told them it’s still in development.

“There’s no information about who developed it, what quality control or testing was done,” Morrison told 8 News Now. “All these open questions left me feeling very uneasy.”

8 News Now reached out to the Nevada Democratic Party both Saturday and Sunday for more information about this new “tool,” but we have not heard back from them yet.

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