LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Death Valley National Park, a popular spot for visitors, remains closed to the public after having its rainiest day ever on Sunday, Aug. 20, when the remnants of Hurricane Hilary dumped an entire year’s worth of rain on the park in one day.

The National Weather Service rain gauge at Furnace Park received 2.2 inches in one day, which broke the previous record and was above the annual rainfall of 2.15 inches.

Around 1 million people visit the 3.4 million acre park every year, often to experience what it’s like in one of the hottest places on Earth and to admire the unique landscapes.

Sunday’s heavy rain came in two major downpours and was too much for the dry ground to absorb which led to flash flooding that damaged park roads.

The National Park Service said it could be weeks before Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells reopen. The park is about 130 miles from the Las Vegas Strip.