LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Deadly crashes are up 30% over last year, according to statistics released by Metro police.

DUI arrests are up 9.7%, but the numbers are startling: 2,349 arrests in 2021, compared to 2,141 last year. That means Metro made an average of 15 DUI arrests every day so far this year.

And while the pandemic changed a lot of driving patterns both last year and this year, it’s clear that several kinds of crashes are way up from last year.

Hit and run deaths have doubled this year compared to the same period last year — 12, compared to six in 2020. And fatal crashes involving mopeds have more than doubled, with 13 this year compared to six last year.

The total number of collisions so far this year — 7,914 — is 14% higher than last year’s 6,944 for the same time period

Fatal crashes involving drivers on drugs are up 150% over last year, but the number of those crashes is low: three this year compared to two at this time last year.

Pedestrian deaths are about the same this year as last year. As of June 2, there were 17 pedestrian deaths, compared to 18 last year at this time. Pedestrians account for nearly a third of all fatalities tracked in Metro’s traffic stats.

Statistics are for roads in Metro’s jurisdiction, and cover the same time period for both years. The crash that killed five bicyclists last year on Dec. 10, for example, is not part of the comparison because the 2020 stats only cover January 1 through June 2. That crash also occurred on a state highway, which is under Nevada Highway Patrol jurisdiction.