LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A public meeting was held on Tuesday evening to gather input on a state law that requires Clark County to allow short-term rentals.

Currently, short-term rentals are not permitted in unincorporated Clark County, however, that hasn’t stopped them from opening up all across the valley.

Reynaldo Herrera says his property has been an Air BnB for six months and before the pandemic and the laws changed it was an Airbnb for about a year and a half.

“I love it because it allows people like myself, serious entrepreneurs, to have access to a property it’s part of my lifestyle,” he added. “It allows me to use it as a resource for business partners as well as make passive income.”

Herrera also says he owns Airbnb’s in Oaxaca, Mexico, and Central California.

“On a weekend like EDC weekend, it gave us great profit because of the demand but right now it’s been limited it rents out one whole month, and then we are not for 2 months,” Herrera said.

He also tells 8 News Now that he’s is wondering if he should do a traditional rental again.

“I miss the old days where we can just rent out 2-3 days like every other Airbnb now they’re restricted there are zoning issues,” he added.

Cyndi Koester is the Vice President for CAMCO and provides management services to HOA’s in Nevada representing over 300 associations. She tells 8 News Now that she is against the rentals.

“We don’t want short-term rentals in our community,” Koester expressed. “It’s everything we deal with that already the partying music excess vehicles access control that means anybody that has gates you’re giving out gate codes.”

Koester says she’s concerned the ‘weekend visitors’ could bring down property values.

“It’s an invitation for problems,” she added.

Meanwhile, Herrera disagrees, “We live in a country of capitalism we being limited to enterprise like other counties it’s just an awful restriction.”

He tells 8 News Now he has never had any issues or complaints with his Airbnb’s and hopes Tuesday’s meeting will bring a better outcome.

The deadline to regulate short-term rentals is set for July.