LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The deadline for Clark County high school and college students to apply for over 900 scholarships is fast approaching.

The Public Education Foundation is planning to award more than $5 million to currently enrolled students, with scholarships ranging from $250 to $100,000.

“Hundreds of generous donors across the community have stepped up to help our students realize their educational and life dreams,” Rich Broome, CEO of the Public Education Foundation said. “These are often life-changing scholarships that also reduce financial stress on our families.”

Aminata Dieng, a freshman at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, credits the scholarships for helping her attend college.

“Honestly, it’s life-changing. Every night I cannot believe, every night, I’m telling you. It’s a constant wow,” Dieng said. “Once I got that, applying for UNLV became something so fun for me. It became like a goal, a dream.”

The application deadline is Tuesday, Jan. 31 for the upcoming school year.

Last school year, the Public Education Foundation received a record 17,000 applications from local students.

Over the past decade, PEF’s Scholarships Plus program has awarded $20.6 million in scholarships to more than 5,600 students.

45% of PEF recipients are first-generation college students, and 79% of PEF recipients complete college, which is far higher than the national college completion average of 62%, according to a media release.

To apply for the Public Education Foundation’s scholarships, click here.