Day 2 of Sena Trial: Daughter gives emotional, graphic testimony about father’s sexual abuse

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During day two of the jury trial for a local father accused of sexually abusing his children, prosecutors called their first witness to the stand.

Investigators say Christopher Sena forced his wife and ex-wife to engage in sexual acts with the kids as well.

The jury heard emotional and graphic testimony from the defendant’s daughter.  She’s an adult now, but she told jurors the sexual abuse started when she was just a child.

The soft-spoken witness, whose identity is being kept a secret to protect her, broke down several times describing the numerous incidents when, she says, her father raped her.

She recalls it first happened when she was 11-years-old and continued for years, up until her father’s arrest in 2014.

She testified that at first, he would allegedly tell her that this is the way to show him she loves him, but then, he threatened her saying if she told on him, no one would believe her and she would go to jail.

Sena’s daughter said initially Sena made sure no one was around when he would sexually assault her, but there was at least one time her mother witnessed the abuse.

Sena’s daughter: “I hated her.” 
Prosecutor: “Why did you hate her?” 
Sena’s daughter: “Because she allowed it to happen.” 
Prosecutor: “Did you and Terrie ever talk about this?” 
Sena’s daughter: “No.” 

The witness’ mother, Terrie Sena, is Sena’s ex-wife.  She lived with him, and his current wife, Deborah Sena when the abuse happened. 

The witness also testified that her father forced her to have sexual contact with her step-mother.

Both Terrie and Deborah took plea deals in the case and got 10 years to life in prison. They too will testify against Sena.

The prosecution has identified a total of seven alleged victims, and they’re all his children or somehow related to him. Some of them will also testify.

Sena has been charged with a total of 124 counts.  If convicted on even a fraction of the charges, he can spend the rest of his life in prison.

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