LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The latest numbers from the State of Nevada show an alarming amount of coronavirus cases at state-regulated facilities.

As of Monday night, an online dashboard from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services shows there are 416 COVID-19 cases in state-regulated facilities, which range from nursing homes to assisted living centers.

There have been 26 deaths, including 24 residents and two staff members. From Friday to Monday, the number of reported COVID-19 cases at these facilities jumped by more than 120.

There are now more than 300 cases at state-regulated facilities in Clark County, and some of the facilities in Clark County have the largest number of overall cases statewide. So, what accounts for the high volume?

“You have a captured, relatively immobile population in a relatively crowded setting,” said Dr. Jonathan Baktari, CEO of e7 Health. “For those places, I think the issue really is having great infection control, isolating people properly and for the staff to have the right training and the right protective equipment.”

A sizable portion of the impacted centers are skilled nursing facilities. One of those facilities is Horizon Health and Rehabilitation Center in Las Vegas, which has 66 cases and two deaths as of Monday night. 

Last week, 8 News Now reporter Orko Manna spoke to an employee there, who wanted to remain anonymous, about how the situation is being handled.

“Half the building is like an isolation ward type thing, where anybody who is suspected or had been in a room with someone who tested positive, they are over in the isolation area,” the employee said.

In a statement, the administrator at Horizon Health and Rehabilitation Center wrote, in part, “Not only have we have implemented increased infection control and prevention measures, we are screening each individual that comes into our facility for signs and symptoms of illness. We are only allowing essential personnel to enter the building.”

And Silver Hills, another skilled nursing facility, posted a message to their website saying they have created designated areas for positive patients. 

Experts say that is key.

“If you miss that, then all bets are really off,” Dr. Baktari said.

8 News Now reached out to several other impacted facilities to learn what they are doing to stop the spread of COVID-19. We are awaiting their responses.