LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The new volunteer program Dads in School started its first day on a local school campus on Tuesday.

A handful of men were at Lynch Elementary near Lake Mead and Nellis making sure parents and students were able to leave campus safely. Additional volunteers were also outside on school grounds to help students get on buses as the school day ended.

Troy Martinez is the founder of Dads in Schools and said he chose Tuesday as the program’s first day on the job because typically the end of the school year is when acts of violence tend to increase.

“We chose today because historically towards the end of the school year there’s an uptick in violence, they want to settle scores, they think summer is an eternity and they’ll get away with it,” Martinez said. “We’re just glad today we didn’t see any violence, any fights break out.”

There are about 400 volunteers already signed up to help out at schools across the valley. However, the program is still looking to fill about 400 more positions, which will help support 81 CCSD schools looking for help.

For more information on how to volunteer to be a dad in school volunteer click HERE.