LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The annual “Ride to Remember” event will bring cyclists out early Saturday morning (Oct. 14) to raise awareness of Nevada’s 3-feet law, which requires drivers to move over if possible when they’re passing a bicycle.

Las Vegas Centennial Subaru has taken over as sponsor of the event, which runs in conjunction with “3 Feet for Pete,” a Southern Nevada memorial honoring Pete Makowski, who was killed in 2013 when he was struck by a gravel truck on the same road riders will use on Saturday.

The event brings out hundreds of cyclists for the 28-mile ride, starting at Camping World on Las Vegas Boulevard South and proceeding south to Jean before turning around and heading back. Metro police, the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Bureau of Land Management will be on hand and Las Vegas Boulevard South will be closed during the event. Groups of 50 cyclists will begin leaving the start at about 7 a.m. Organizers note that it’s not a race, competition or training ride. The pace will be about 12-14 mph. Helmets are required and the entry fee is $25.

The ride is a rallying point for the cycling community, bringing people from all over the valley to participate and promote cycling safety. Cyclists gather at about 6:30 and speeches are short as riders head out on the course.

The course parallels Interstate 15 and goes past Seven Magic Mountains along the way. Here’s a look at riders heading back toward Las Vegas on the second half of 2022’s event:

On Friday, a news conference is scheduled to unveil a new “Let’s Get There Together” art mural. Tony Gebbia, president of 3 Feet for Pete and the Ride to Remember will speak and remind people about Saturday’s event.

Keely Brooks, president of the Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition, said this marks the 10th year of the ride — with one year missed due to COVID. She said there’s also a short community Bike2Art ride planned on Sunday, Oct. 22, to tour some of the art murals downtown.

In the past month, three cyclists have died on Las Vegas roads. One of the victims was Andreas Probst, 64, who was killed on Tenaya Way on Aug. 14 in a crash that police have described as intentional. Two teenagers face murder charges in Probst’s death. Overall, there have been fewer bicyclists killed so far this year in Clark County compared to the same period last year, when 10 people died. For the entire year, 14 cyclists died in 2022.

Probst’s family is expected to attend the Ride to Remember on Saturday.

Nevada law states that motorists passing a bicyclist must move into an adjacent lane to the left, if possible. If unable to do so, a motorist must allow a minimum of 3 feet of space between their vehicle and the bicyclist.

Centennial Subaru is proud to sponsor Ride to Remember to increase road safety in Southern Nevada,” General Manager Ryon Walters said. “3 Feet for Pete is a wonderful memorial to not only honor Pete Makowski, but to shine a spotlight on sharing the road with bicyclists and to promote both safe driving and cycling habits.”

For more information and to register for Ride to Remember, go to: