LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Some customers of a 24-hour tattoo shop on the Las Vegas Strip are upset because they believe they were overcharged for their tattoos.

Vegas Ink Tattoo was given an “F” rating by the Better Business Bureau. According to the BBB report, there were seven complaints filed against Vegas Ink and the company failed to respond to any of them.

Mason Schlader told 8 News Now that a couple of weeks ago she went to get a simple tattoo and was told it would cost $150, however she said she was forced to pay more than $500.

“It was just a bad experience and so every time I look at the tattoo, I think about it, and I cried in the tattoo shop,” said Schlader.

Schlader’s friend Adrianna Baker said at no point were they told how much it would be.

“They quote you $150 and they don’t tell you it’s by an inch,” Baker said. “The tattoo itself is not a $500 dollar tattoo.”

Baker made a TikTok video of her experience at the tattoo shop and soon learned she wasn’t alone. Reviews online showed other customers had the same complaints about not being told the exact price.

8 News Now spoke to Vegas Ink to get their side of the story and while they said they are aware of the negative complaints, it’s part of their protocol to go over pricing before tattooing anyone, said Chris Coryell, a tattoo shop artist.

“We start out by the square inch and the minimum starts at $100, if it fits within that then it’s $100. If it starts to exceed that square inch then it will go up in price,” he explained. “Unfortunately, we have extremely high rent, so we have to have a certain price standard. I wish everyone could see the hundreds of thousands of people that come out of here with a good experience.”

Vegas Ink has two locations on Las Vegas Boulevard. One is located inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

Although the BBB gave the business an F rating, it doesn’t have the authority to close a business. Its role is to provide the public with information.