LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The topic of rent control became tense at Wednesday’s North Las Vegas City Council meeting, as The Culinary Union pushed for an initiative to curb costs, while city officials said the potential ordinance did not meet the requirements to be included on November’s ballot. 

“I see people struggling,” M. Rocha told 8 News Now of rising housing costs in North Las Vegas. 

Rocha said the prices where she lives have skyrocketed over the past few years, and her family isn’t sure how to handle it. 

“I see people almost getting evicted for this,” Rocha said. “People are being unfair.”

Rocha was one of the dozens that attended Wednesday’s meeting to push for a new initiative after the Culinary Union submitted thousands of signatures in support of “Neighborhood Stability” in June. 

North Las Vegas City Council meeting on Aug. 3, 2022 (Credit: KLAS)

“We urge you not to support these corporate landlords,” Culinary Union Treasurer, Ted Papageorge said, to city officials. “That benefit from these exorbitated rents.”

Their goal was to get the ordinance, which would prevent rent from exceeding the cost of living, on the ballot in November. 

However, City of North Las Vegas officials said the petition did not have enough signatures based on the total number of voters in the June 2022 primary election to move forward. 

City Council members sided with the city clerk during Wednesday’s meeting to deem the effort insufficient. 

“That is the long and the short of it,” Steven Silva, outside counsel for the City of North Las Vegas said. “They simply did not meet the required threshold.”

Regardless, many told 8 News Now they want those on the council to reconsider, as they continue their effort to fight for change. 

“Affordable rent for everybody,” Rocha concluded. “That’s all we want.”

North Las Vegas City Council voted 4-1 Wednesday to certify the city clerk’s decision to deem the “Neighborhood Stability” initiative insufficient. 

The Culinary Union later released a statement, announcing it will file a lawsuit in State District Court against the North Las Vegas City Council’s decision to deem the “Neighborhood Stability” petition insufficient.