LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —  CSN is offering two programs to help southern Nevadans prepare for careers in software, the most in-demand local occupation. The new coding boot camps will be powered by Promineo Tech, an innovative provider of tech education which aims to make coding education more affordable and accessible. 

The 18-week courses will cover Back End and Front End Software Development.

“The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance called software development the most needed skill for business,” said Ricardo Villalobos, executive director of Division of Workforce & Economic Development at College of Southern Nevada. “These two boot camps will help southern Nevada residents get the skills they need to become a part of this burgeoning industry.”

Students will be prepared to pursue entry-level roles such as software developer, software engineer, and java developer. For those who engage in back-end training, the courses will cover everything from Java to Web API Design and more. Students in front-end courses will cover HTML, CSS, Algorithms, and web app design, among other things.

Each boot camp class will be held online and cost $3,595.

The boot camps begin November 11 and are open to the public. A free information session on October 21 will provide more details on the courses and skills students will gain. 

Those interested can learn more at

Nationwide, qualified technology workers are in high demand, particularly as the economy shifts toward distance services. Even in previous years, these careers have also outpaced others; the industry enjoys an anticipated 21 percent growth rate over the next ten years. 

“The rapid economic shift earlier this year has created tremendous demand among those who want to re-skill,” shared Nick Suwyn, founder of Promineo Tech. “We’re excited to bring this opportunity to Nevada and create accessible technology education to ensure that more people can pursue their dreams.”

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