UPDATE: Here are Tuesday’s winning numbers: 25, 29, 33, 41, 44, and gold Mega Ball 18.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Crowds gathered at Arizona Last Stop for a chance to win $785 million in the Mega Millions Jackpot.

Jan Koski along with Patty Tomko and a group of their friends drove to White Hills, Arizona from Las Vegas, Nevada.

With 16 people total in their lottery group, they each pitched in to get a number of tickets at Arizona Last Stop gas station.

 “It has to be a more sizeable pot. It’s not like we’re greedy and we wanna make sure we each have that many hundreds of thousands but it’s just more fun to make it exciting to watch,” said Koski. “It’s like a Super Bowl. It may not be your team in there, but you want to watch it. Same thing with this lottery.”

Tomko said she would love it if Nevada had its own lottery, but she doesn’t mind the drive to Arizona to buy a ticket either.

“It wouldn’t cut back on the money I spent in casinos, it wouldn’t put a damper on that at all,” explained Tomko. “I like to play my luck and we like to have a good time whether it’s in the lotto or the casinos.”

Kyle Hill is also from Las Vegas. He said he picked the Arizona location because it’s much less crowded than going to Primm.

Hill said if he ever won the lottery, he’d like to buy property near the Grand Canyon.

“Like I said, this is close to the entrance of the Grand Canyon where hopefully I’m building my future so I’d like the funds for that to come from the same location,” said Hill. ” I felt drawn out to here and if that’s where I want to build my future, that’s where I’d like to see the money come from.”

Rachel Sockwell, store manager of Arizona Last Stop said the lottery combined with holiday travel has made it quite busy.

 “So once Primm gets really busy, which it does very quickly, we start seeing a whole lot more people from Nevada coming out here to buy their tickets,” Sockwell explained.

Sockwell said she is thankful for all the business as people stick around to buy souvenirs and more.

 “People come out and buy their tickets quickly because we dont have a wait, they go to Port of Subs or Last Stop Kitchen and buy some food and head home,” added Sockwell.