LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Cox Communications experienced problems in the Las Vegas valley Friday morning that impacted many customers.

According to Downdetector, which is a website that tracks online outages, Cox began to have problems around 7 a.m. with its internet services. By 8 a.m., nearly 7,000 people had reported Cox outages to Downdetector.

It turns out the problem began with NV Energy. It put out a statement saying a ‘backhoe made contact with a transmission line this morning and customers may have experienced a momentary power event.’

Cox stated that the “surge caused the cable modem that provides Cox internet service to automatically ‘reset’ when it lost power.” And when it came back online, cable modems across the valley all tried to re-establish communication with the network and that took several hours to complete.

Friday morning customer Stephanie Panepinto said in a tweet to Downdetector, “I work from home and the internet is completely out. I cannot get ahold of anyone or the phone lines would keep ringing.”

Another customer, Luci, tweeted, “Lights flickered around 7:15 am and the internet went out in 89166.”

Cox did send out a tweet around 10:45 a.m., “we are aware of an outage impacting a lot of customers in our Vegas market.  Services are starting to come back up from what we have heard from other customers and hopefully shouldn’t be too much longer if yours are still impacted.”

Cox’s website was down but is now in service.