LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With only two days until the Consumer Technology Show (CES) begins, many people have already started to arrive in Las Vegas. 

However, this week travelers coming in from several parts of Asia will have to provide negative COVID tests in order to enter the U.S. Now CES is also implementing similar rules which may affect this year’s turnout. 

The biggest tech show in the world draws in nearly hundreds of thousands of people and that traffic gets spread throughout the Las Vegas valley, especially in China Town. 

“When people come to town, they always get the package deal with travel agencies that will take them to different restaurants in town, to different spots to eat with tour buses,” Shannon Yang, a board member with the Asian American Pacific Islander Nevada chamber said. 

With many CES attendees coming from different parts of Asia, they look for a little taste of home when in Las Vegas. 

“Packed, people in and out of traffic really bad,” John Chou owner of Noodle Pot said. 

Chou’s restaurant is in the China Town Plaza. He told 8 News Now the revenue that comes from CES attendees makes up at least 15% of his yearly income. 

“Sometimes I come at four or five o’clock in the morning because sold out during the day,” Chou said. 

Starting Jan. 5 the U.S. will require all travelers from China, Hong Kong, and Macau to provide a negative COVID test when entering the country. 

Following this rule, CES stated from Jan, 1 through Jan. 4, it will also require anyone from those countries attending to take a COVID test. 

According to AAPI, this rule is causing some people to cancel their travel plans. 

“I don’t think it is ideal for the local businesses especially,” Yang said. 

As last year’s attendance was around 40,000 people and many were hopeful 2023 would be a major comeback year. 

“Business is going to drop, worse comes to worst they will come in 25%,” Chou said. 

8 News Now spoke with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority which said CES is still expecting 100,000 people to be there. However, CES told 8 News Now that the final numbers will not be in until after the show.