LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Las Vegas Raiders kick off their season Monday Night at Allegiant Stadium, and if you’re planning to go, you need to know about vaccination requirements.

The Raiders set these rules a few weeks ago when Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced that venues can set their own vaccine requirements.

But there is a simple option that makes the screening process a lot easier.

The team announced Wednesday that they will open alternate screening ahead of the game, and they will have a vaccination clinic on site. You can get your first shot on the spot, if you wish.

Raiders officials say they hope the flexibility encourages as many fans as possible to still come to the game.

“We’ve tried to create a lot of options, so the most important thing is for people to act early and to be prepared,” Raiders President Dan Ventrelle said.

“Do it that one time well in advance of game day so you can fly through the gates easily and be in the stadium,” he said.

If you’re already vaccinated, you can download the Clear app to prove your vaccination status at the front gate quickly and easily.

If you’re only partially vaccinated, you will have to wear a mask to games until two weeks after getting your second shot.