LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A report that finds many Nevadans in a precarious position because of economic struggles that came with the COVID-19 pandemic offers recommendations to state and national leaders on what would help the most.

The “COVID-19 NV Community Impact Report 2020,” published by Make the Road Nevada, a nonprofit group of politically and socially active youth, highlights the pandemic’s affect on minorities.

The key findings from the report, summarized below, can be found online with the group’s recommendations for federal and state responses.

READ: COVID-19 NV Community Impact Report 2020

Among the findings in the report:


  • One in three survey respondents has seen a reduction in hours. Black workers were almost three times as likely, and Latinx workers were twice as likely to have their hours cut.
  • A staggering 70% of all survey respondents — and 86% of estimated undocumented individuals — reported that they or someone in their household lost a job or income since the coronavirus crisis began. Black respondents were hardest hit, with 67% currently out of work as a result of the pandemic.
  • More than a third of the respondents were concerned about having enough food for themselves and their families.
  • Undocumented survey respondents have been left out of state and federal cash aid including undocumented workers who pay federal taxes.
  • Among undocumented respondents who lost their jobs, none qualify for state unemployment or the federal stimulus payment.
  • 15% of survey respondents have relied on family members to get by and several reported they were still waiting to receive benefits filed in March 2020, at the outset of the pandemic.


  • Renters: 60% of Nevadans reported that they were apprehensive about being able to pay rent in the coming months.
  • Homeowners: 14% were unable to pay their mortgages in the month of July. Nearly 40% are concerned about paying their mortgages in the next months.


  • Half those surveyed are worried they will be unable to pay for utilities and other bills in the coming month. Over one-third are concerned about accessing enough food for their family and being able to pay debts like medical and student loan debt.
  • One in four survey respondents are concerned about having enough money to buy medicine for their families.

Make the Road Nevada also made recommendations regarding jail and policing issues.