LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A hearing is set for Wednesday, Sept. 13, for a judge to determine if a restraining order should be issued to stop Clark County District School teachers from doing “rolling sickouts” which have caused several schools to close over the past week.

CCSD made good on its promise to file an emergency motion in Clark County District Court late Monday night stating the teacher shortages at campuses have either “severely disrupted” or forced the closure of schools. The district announced four schools were closed Tuesday morning. This is in addition to three school closures the previous week and two other schools that remained open but lacked a full staff.

“The absentee level at the affected schools is unprecedented, and these mass sickouts have left students, parents, staff, and administrators scrambling to ensure students’ wellbeing.” the motion stated.

In the motion, CCSD argues that the mass absences are coordinated and “plainly defines a strike” and are in violation of state law. Nevada law prevents teachers from striking.

Clark County Education Association, which represents the teachers, and the district are in a stalemate after contentious negotiations for months trying to settle on a pay raise for teachers.

The hearing is set to take place at the county courthouse on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 11 a.m.