LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With Lake Mead levels dipping to historic lows, water conservation has appeared to be on most people’s minds.

One local couple is doing their part by saving water and cashing in on it, thanks to the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s turf rebate program, which translates into cash for grass.

Wes and Gina Roberts recently installed two huge photographic murals on the outdoor walls of their home. They hung up a golf course scene to the wall of their front yard and a flower-filled garden scene to the wall of their backyard.

After the couple paid a little under $2,000 to have their photo murals printed and installed, they then decided to remove their natural grass and installed new artificial grass to complement their new golf course and flower garden mural scenes.

When they called the Southern Nevada Water Authority about their decision to remove the natural grass, SNWA paid them $3 per square foot, which amounted to $1,050!

Wes said it still saves the couple money every month.

“I think [we save] probably $50 or 60 dollars a month. I turned off the watering system completely because all of our plants are drought tolerant, if something needs it, we’ll hit it with a gallon or two of water,” he said. “But we went from a lot to basically just about nothing other than what we use in the house.”

They said they would like to see more people in the Las Vegas area adding vibrant color to their outdoor walls and taking advantage of SNWA’s wonderful “cash for grass” program.

The couple decided to install these colorful, photo murals because they were tired of looking at their dull, bland front yard and backyard walls. They said they desperately wanted a change of scenery.

“We’re here in our home all the time now because we’ve had our fill of travel and we decided that we just didn’t want to be surrounded by drab-looking, boring walls anymore,” said Wes. “I couldn’t be happier with these wall murals. The scenes on them look so unbelievably real that photos of them don’t do them justice.”

To learn more about SNWA’s rebate program, visit this link.