Couple building pool find bones in yard: Here’s what you should do if you make a discovery

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Finding bones, it’s not something you don’t hear about every day. A Las Vegas couple who lives near Tule Springs and Floyd Lamb Park in the north part of the Las Vegas valley discovered some questionable bones while building a pool in their backyard.

The bones are believed to be from an animal, but there are certain things people should do if they make this kind of discovery. The crew digging the pool did all the right things when they unearthed the bones.

“During the last ice ages, this area was covered in springs,” said Joshua Bonde, the director of research at the Nevada Science Center.

Bonde says Tule Springs captures a prehistoric time with rocks and fossils.

“As animals were making their way across the Mojave Desert, they were stopping here as a resting stop,” Bonde said.

Animals such as mammoths, camels, bison, horses, and American Lyons. Matthew Perkins was shocked after receiving a call from the pool company and police who were waiting outside his home. He explains how he felt seeing them.

“What’s going on with our pool? What’s going on with our house, and he told us they had found bones when digging up the pool,” Perkins said.

Perkins wondered if another prehistoric discovery was made.

“What is this first because we don’t want to fill something in that may be worth any importance any significant scientific value,” said Perkins.

“If you look behind me, what they found during this excavation is that we’re in what’s called geologically, the Las Vegas Formation.”

The Las Vegas Formation is a body of rock, which has been well defined throughout the northern portion of the Las Vegas valley.

“These gravels represent more recent deposits so within the last 9,000 years, and if you come down to this greenish layer, it’s about 14,000 years old,” Bonde said.

Bonde believes the bones may be from a horse. During the ice age, two species of horses were known in the area.

“This is the shoulder blade here going back into the hill this is the upper arm bone of a humorous and then going back that way is the forearm,” according to Bonde.

“I feel like it is just a matter of time that you are going to start finding more and more things like that will help scientists and the community learn more about the Las Vegas valley, Perkins said.

People who live in Aliante and or the northwest are probably built on the same rock. Anyone who comes across a suspicious find, call authorities or a paleontologist.

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