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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The mask mandate that went into effect on Thursday in Clark County has obviously raised some questions and the county has responded by compiling a list of answers to frequently asked questions in hopes of clearing up any confusion.

Along with the mask mandate, county commissioners issued an amendment that included some rules requiring employers to post signage encouraging both vaccinated and unvaccinated people to wear masks indoors.

It also states that certain businesses must complete a survey by July 26 if they plan to host a gathering of 250 people or more who are not employees.

Here is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do the new rules apply?
All indoor businesses in Clark County, including businesses in all municipalities located therein.

How long will the Amendment be effective?
The Amendment will stay in place until Aug. 17, 2021 when the commissions will meet again and revisit the issue.

If I have a complaint or question regarding compliance who should I contact?
Contact your local jurisdiction at these email accounts:
Unincorporated Clark County:
Boulder City:
City of Henderson:
City of Las Vegas:
City of North Las Vegas:

Who do the new face covering requirements apply to?
All employers are required to ensure their employees wear face masks while working indoors, either with members of the public or in close contact with coworkers. Employees who have separate offices and workspaces need not wear masks while in those spaces.

Who is exempt from the face covering requirements?
The face covering exemptions provided under previous Governor’s Directives still apply. The face covering requirements do not apply to any patrons of a business.

Do athletes, performers, and musicians need to wear a face covering?
No, face covering exemptions provided under previous Governor’s Directives still apply.

If an employee notifies their employer they have been vaccinated, can they choose to not wear a face covering?
No. All employees working indoors, either with the public or in close contact with coworkers, must wear a face covering.

Who needs to post signs recommending the public wear a face covering when entering the business?
All local businesses open to the public are required to post new signage encouraging patrons to follow SNHD’s guidelines on wearing a face mask indoors. Suggested signage is available at this link.

Where do the signs need to be posted?
The signs need to be posted at the public entries to the business in a prominent location so that all who enter will see the signs.

Where can I get signs to post?
Examples of signs to post can be found on the SNHD’s website at this link.

Can I create my own signs?
Yes, you can as long as the signs are easily legible and encourage patrons to follow SNHD’s guidelines on wearing face coverings indoors to prevent the spread of COVID. The signs should encourage all guests to wear a face covering.

When do the signs need to be posted?
All employers must post the signs by Friday, July 23, 2021 at 8 a.m.

Which businesses are required to submit a COVID-19 mitigation survey?
Grocery stores, non-restricted gaming licensees at a hotel/resort property, indoor malls and other indoor venues hosting gatherings of more than 250 people are required to submit COVID surveys. All responses are confidential. Following the submission of the survey, you do not need to wait for approval to hold your event.

In the case of a room rental for an event set to exceed 250 attendees doe the promoter complete the mitigation plan (event sponsor) or the building owner?
The event sponsor is required to ensure all employees wear face coverings per the Amendment and to submit the plan via the survey to this link.

Will survey responses be public record information?
No. Information provided to the County on this form is deemed confidential and
privileged as it includes privileged marketing efforts and is demanded by the County in conjunction with the exercise of the County’s emergency efforts to mitigate the spread of the pandemic. The confidentiality and privilege are not waived if the information is shared or has been shared with an authorized agent of any agency of the United States government, the State of Nevada, and any political subdivision of Nevada in connection with its regulatory, investigative, or enforcement authority.

If I own multiple businesses, can I submit one response for all locations?
Yes, if the same mitigation measures are being implemented across all locations.

When is the COVID-19 mitigation survey due?
It must be submitted by Monday, July 26, 2021 at 8 a.m.

How do I submit a calendar of my businesses’ upcoming events?
In response to the COVID-19 mitigation survey, you can submit a calendar of your upcoming events to:

Are there any social distancing or capacity restrictions on local businesses, large gathering, or events?
No, there are no social distancing or capacity restrictions in effect at this time.

If a property owner has retail tenants. How does it comply with this amendment when the anchor store has its own employees. How would a mall owner address mask requirements in the common areas?
Each employer is responsible for ensuring face coverings are worn by their own employees. Landlords can report any violations by other employers to the appropriate local jurisdiction business licensing. If the property is in unincorporated Clark County, they can report violations Clark County Business Licensing by email to:

How would executive suites that rent rooms to other businesses handle the mask rule for its tenants?
Employees are required to wear face coverings per the Amendment.

Is there a required height or a number of walls to be considered “enclosed” for purposes of the Amendment, so people can remove their mask in a cubicle or enclosed space?
There are no specific size, height requirements for an enclosed space. It does not have to be fully “enclosed”. If an employee is not in close contact with the public or coworkers, they are not required to wear a face covering.

I have a private business not open to the public. Does this Amendment apply to my business?
If a business has employees “in close contact with coworkers” they are required to wear face coverings.

How are independent contractors handled?
Like employees, they are required to wear face coverings per the Amendment.

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