LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now continues to follow the number of homeless encampments discovered along the Flamingo Arroyo Trail.

The county was going to step up enforcement in the area, stating that by this week, a portion of the bridge and trail would be cleared out.

Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom stuck to his commitment with the help of several county officials, the bridge and trail along Desert Inn and Pecos are now cleared. 

“I use to utilize those bridges,” Kathy, who works in the area shared. 

“My husband and I would take our dogs for walks so it’s a good thing they are cleaning it up,” Kathy said.

Nathan Beasley lives at the Cottonwood Creek Apartment complex right under the bridge and said while he knows it’s tough out there for people, he wants to be able to enjoy his neighborhood again.

“I just feel for the people, but sometimes I do need a break from it all.  I want to be able to walk my son across the bridge and see the view and not fear for my safety,” Beasley shared.

Segerblom listened to those pleas for help from community members. On Wednesday county officials made their move giving those on the bridge and along the trail notice that they would have to move their belongings.

“The key is the monitoring on a daily basis, so we don’t just move the unhoused and have them come back,” Commissioner Segerblom said. “The problem is we’re not really curing the homeless problem; we’re just moving it so going forward we have to figure out a way to have places where people can move,” he added.

8 News Now learned that Metro and Park Police will be patrolling the area with hopes to start the cleanup and removal process near Boulder Highway and Nellis very soon.