LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Change could be coming to stop people from hanging out on the pedestrian overpasses on the Las Vegas Strip.

Clark County commissioners will discuss classifying the overpasses as crosswalks on Tuesday, which would change how they operate. Often, people will sell items or play music on the crosswalks, or stop to see the views of the Strip.

Jose Kutkendall performs for visitors on one of the bridges. He said he either finds a corner that works on the street or performs on the overpass.

“I have people from the hotels hear me down there and they tell me they like it,” he said. “How are you going to stop people from making a living?”

If the overpasses were officially defined as crosswalks, there could be no performing or loitering on them, as they would be used strictly for walking.

“I feel sorry for people who really depend on this as their living, they can’t get a job anywhere else so they do this,” Kuykendall conitnued.

County Commissioner Tick Segerblom said the policy is about public safety, especially after the recent deadly stabbing of a visiting off duty police officer just weeks ago on one of the bridges.

“You can’t stay in a crosswalk, so we are trying to come up with a way legally to make sure people move,” said Segerblom. “At the end of the day, we can’t tolerate people up there having sex acts, shooting people, shooting drugs, it is just unacceptable.”

Visitor from Canada Lisa Wergerland is visiting Las Vegas from Canada, and she said that while she understands the idea, it could create other issues.

“I don’t want to feel threatened when I’m walking across the bridge,” she said. “It probably is a good idea to have it just as a sidewalk, but then you need to give them an option because they are just going to move to somewhere else.”

Segerblom said the commissioners will be taking a look at a presentation about the possible change at the next meeting on Tuesday, and possibly come up with an ordinance from there.