LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County Commissioners approved plans Wednesday to move ahead with an expanded underground transportation system that will be under the Las Vegas Strip and connect to Allegiant Stadium and UNLV.

The company’s plan is to expand the Vegas Loop to 29 miles. It would have 51 stops along the Las Vegas Strip corridor, including downtown, Allegiant stadium, and the airport.

The company says visitors and locals will be able to use the system. No tax dollars will be used. The agreement is that the Boring Company will fund the tunnels and hotels will pay for the construction of their own stations.

“The boring company and Elon will finance the cost of the tunnels and the properties have agreed that they will pay for their costs of their stations,” Steve Hill, LVCA CEO said. “There will be a fair charged it will be per car, not per rider, the Boring Company is committed that it will be between bus fair and what it would cost to ride an Uber or a Lyft”

The company says Teslas will be driven underground at first, but the goal is to go driverless.

The project is expected to take several years.

Boring’s first commercial project, the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop, opened in June and its Teslas began moving conventioneers through underground tunnels to different convention halls. The system was able to transport more than 4,000 people an hour.