LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County Commission on Tuesday certified Ross Miller’s win over Stavros Anthony in the District C race that is still tied up in court.

Miller won the election for the County Commission race by 10 votes, and the county’s unanimous vote to certify the election result comes despite Registrar Joe Gloria’s recommendation to hold a special election.

A lawsuit is proceeding to stop the effort to hold a special election. Court motions are continuing.

Miller, a Democrat, narrowly defeated Anthony, who would have been the only Republican on the commission if he had won.

Vote totals in the race were 76,586 for Miller, and 76,576 for Anthony.

A judge’s ruling on Monday denied a preliminary injunction in the case. Attorneys for both sides are expected to file new motions that will be reviewed on Friday by Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez.

Democrat Ross Miller leads Republican Stavros Anthony by 10 votes. (KLAS)