Country star Jason Aldean opens up about Las Vegas shooting helping others

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Talking through tragedy. Country music singer Jason Aldean recently opened up about how he is still dealing with the aftermath of the 1 October shooting.

We hear the phrases “Vegas Strong” and “Country Strong” all the time. But sometimes finding strength after tragedy can be difficult.

Jason Aldean shared his own 1 October experience at a recent gathering of country music radio hosts. And two on-air personalities from Las Vegas were there.

Aldean is one of country music’s biggest stars. But he’s also remembered as being on stage — right as the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history began.

“When you go through something like this, it changes you,” said Ransom Garcia, radio host,102.7 The Coyote.

Local radio host Ransom Garcia was at the concert.

“I was actually there for a few of the Jason Aldean songs, I was at the meet and greet,” he said.

Sixteen months have passed but the shock is still there even for Aldean.

Last week, Garcia attended the country radio seminar in Nashville where radio professionals go to discuss best practices.

Aldean was moderating a panel called “Overcoming Obstacles” where he emphasized the importance of seeking help.

“He was talking about mental health,” Garcia said.

According to, Aldean said, “I probably should have gone to a few more therapy sessions than I did. Being able to talk about it to somebody who understood how I was feeling, that helped me tremendously.”

“When you see somebody with a platform that big talking about how it’s OK to not be OK, people listen. And maybe somebody who’s going through what he is going through, what he continues to go through, and if they need to go get some help, by all means, please go do so,” Garcia said.

Big D with local radio station 95.5 The Bull was also at Aldean’s seminar. He says the country music community is still taking things day by day but Aldean’s words are helping.

“Another thing he said afterward is, this will always be a part of who I am, but it’s not who I am,” said Big D, radio host, 95.5, The Bull. “It’s definitely something that has brought not only our city, but our format together even more.”

Gaining strength, step by step.

“Country folk are strong, man!”

There are several resources available for those affected by the 1 October shooting including the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center.

For more information, you can click here. Here is a phone number: 1.702.455.2433 or if you are outside Nevada, call 1.833.299.2433.

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