Counter-terrorism school trains survival in active shooter scenarios

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“This is the weapon used in the attack of El Paso,” Ben Benbenisty explained as he held a rifle a classroom filled with students.

For 16 years, Doron Benbenisty has been training people in the Las Vegas Valley how to survive situations like armed robberies, kidnappings, domestic violence, and active shooters.

After last week’s mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio, and Gilroy, California, Benbenisty says it’s grim—but people need to be prepared for the worst. “Unfortunately, I don’t see the situation getting better,” Benbenisty said. “Civilians need to get the same training that law enforcement and military get.”

That’s where his school, C.R.I. Counter Terrorism Training comes in—putting students in real-life scenarios and helping them navigate the controlled dangers.

“You sir, come and help me, and you too,” Benbenisty said as he gestured for students to join in his demonstration.

Benbenisty engaged in one scenario—acting as a shooter in a classroom filled with children. “I’m coming to shoot,” he explained in the demonstration. “I see kids and I’m coming to shoot.”

Next, Benbenisty showed his students how to disarm him. “Lower the gun to the floor and kids come and bend his fingers backward,” he instructed.

“You saved probably 30 lives in the process,” explained Gerald Guy Bronson of the disarming example.

Bronson once started as a student of C.R.I. Now he, too, gives people the tools they need to protect their lives. “It’s lot of situational awareness,” said Bronson. “Always staying vigilant no matter what because you never know what’s going to happen.”

Some of the techniques aren’t as difficult, but are about developing quick thinking.

“I would like you to see how easy to remove the magazine is,” said Benbenisty seconds before the rifle’s magazine easily detached with the push of a button.

“As soon as someone approaches, you feel the barrel,” Bronson explained in another scenario. “You immediately get off the X, come back and grab what you can,” he continued before grabbing and wrenching a student’s rifle to demonstrate another way to disarm. In seconds, Bronson was also able to slam the student acting as the shooter onto the floor.

With its courses, C.R.I. gives its students the tools they need to survive situations no one wants to be in.

“That’s the difference many times between life and death,” Benbenisty explained. “It’s knowledge.”

On August 18, C.R.I. Counter Terrorism Training School will have a full course for anyone to attend. The course costs 20 dollars attendees will get a free DVD course to take home. For more information, visit C.R.I. at 2421 E Gowan Road, North Las Vegas, NV 89030 or call (702) 222-3489. You can also learn more about the school by visiting its website.

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