LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Vote counting is almost complete in Southern Nevada. However, with some local races so close, the question of whether or not there could be a recount lingers.

“We have a history in Nevada of having some really close races,” said Michael Green, the Associate Professor of History at UNLV.

The 2020 election is no exception. Clark County election officials say around 12,000 ballots were processed Monday, and Tuesday, Nov. 10, was the last day mail-in ballots were accepted. But as the counting winds down, two local races are of particular interest because of how close they are.

The latest numbers for the Clark County Commission District C race has Democrat Ross Miller only about 600 votes ahead of Republican Stavros Anthony.

In the battle over Nevada State Senate District 6, Democratic incumbent Nicole Cannizzaro only leads Republican April Becker by roughly 800 votes.

Green says a tight contest often leads to a recount, but with that said, it can be a game of chance for the challenger, and it might not be effective.

“Does the losing candidate want to take the risk, when one: that candidate is on the hook if the result doesn’t change and two: recounts usually find votes for the winning candidate,” Green said.

Green points to the 1998 U.S. Senate race between Harry Reid and John Ensign.

“Reid was winning statewide by about 401 votes. It came out to 428 with the recount,” Green said.

Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria says his office is prepared to do recounts.

“I have some inquiries about exactly how the process works,” Gloria said.

Gloria says the earliest that could happen is next week, once the canvass ends on Nov. 16.

“After the canvass is complete, they need to make that request within three days and then, at the same time, pay the fee for us to recount those ballots,” Gloria said.

According to Green, that could be costly.

“It can be substantial to do a recount,” Green said.

8 News NOW reached out to Miller, Anthony, Cannizzaro, and Becker, to ask about a potential recount in their races. However, we did not hear back from them. In regards to the presidential race, Green says President-elect Joe Biden has a wide enough lead, so he does not believe President Trump will ask for a recount in Nevada.