LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The invasion of grasshoppers that took over parts of the Las Vegas valley back in 2019 is still a recent memory for many.

8 News Now spoke with experts to find out if the incident could make a return this year.

Miles Reynolds lives in the northwest valley and tells 8 News Now he remembers the event vividly.
He likes to call it something out of the normal, just as the case tends to be when snow falls in Las Vegas.

“It was just like a wall of grasshoppers in the light I had never seen anything like it,” said Reynolds. “You think the end of the world is going to be zombies but I was like is it going to be grasshoppers?”

Jeff Knight is the state entomologist with the Nevada Department of Agriculture.
He says while this is unusual, it’s happened more than once.

“The population got real high. They started migrating. They came through Las Vegas and this is an event that it has occurred in the past,” Knight tells 8 News Now.

The insects are driven by unusual wet weather, which is what happened in the winter of 2018 in Southern Nevada and in Arizona.

“They’re attracted to the lights so they start moving into the Strip,” Knight added.

At the time of the infestation of grasshoppers, some businesses didn’t think twice before they joined the grasshopper trend and exotic drinks and food options.

Adam Rains is a bar manager and a mixologist at the Golden Tiki and describes the establishment’s approach at the time.

“We wanted to welcome the grasshoppers. We’re going to drink something in your honor and our sister restaurant, Evil Pie did a grasshopper pizza,” Rains said.

Knight tells 8 News Now the grasshopper scenario could eventually happen again, though it’s unclear if we could see the event this year.

Rains says should the situation arise again the Golden Tiki would be prepared.

“We’re ready, we’re going to grasshopper. 2.0 is even going to be even better,” he said.

Knight says any insects of concern can be reported to the NDA for identification. 

To submit a sample, photos can be emailed to or messaged to an NDA social media page. Physical samples can be brought to the NDA office located at 2300 E. St. Louis Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89104.