Cosmetic companies see shift in sales during pandemic

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Coronavirus has changed many aspects in our lives, including our daily routines. Cosmetic companies are seeing a shift in the products women are wearing and buying.

When wearing a mask, you can only see your eyes, and some people have changed their makeup routine to reflect that.

It is another way of adjusting to our new normal.

With more than one million subscribers, Roxette Arisa is busy producing make up tutorials. One of her latest video covers a common problem during the pandemic.

She suggests concentrating on the areas people can see

“When I have been wearing makeup, no one can see my lips and it’s just getting on the inside of my mask,” Arisa said. “Focus on the eyes and then not focus as much on the face, so that your mask stays clean.”

With more people wearing masks lipstick sales are sinking.

A June report from the marketing research firm “Poshly” found 60 percent of beauty shoppers wore lipstick most of the time before the pandemic. This summer that number fell to 23 percent.

Marquel Javontei is creative director for Bovanti Cosmetics, which has seen lip product sales drop by nearly 50 percent.

But sales for some eye products are up 96 percent. 

When Bovanti’s East Coast Makeup Studios reopened, Clients booked appointments to get just their eyes made up.

“When you look someone in the eyes, you can really tell that who that person is, how that person is feeling, how they’re doing,” said Marquel Javontei of Bovanti Cosmetics.

In the Poshly survey, 80 percent of makeup consumers say they are focused on a low maintenance beauty routine.

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