Coroner identifies 16-year-old killed in North Las Vegas shooting; 1 person arrested

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North Las Vegas Police arrested a person Thursday connected to the shooting death of a teenage boy shot and killed near West Craig Road and Simmons Street Wednesday evening.

The teen killed was identified by the Clark County Coroner’s Officer as 16-year-old Aneas David King. His cause of death is still pending.  Police said he was shot in the same residential neighborhood he lived in around 5 p.m.

Aneas was less than a block away from his home where he lived with his siblings and grandmother.  It was his grandmother and one of his brothers who first came to his aid.

“His face looked like a ghost; like his spirit was looking at me, that’s all it was.  No response, no nothing, and his brother is sitting there, talking to him; trying to bring him back but we couldn’t,” said Denise Lowe, Aneas’ grandmother.

Lowe, says she feels like she’s living in a nightmare.

“I can’t sleep,” Lowe said.  “I can’t eat. I can’t do any of that till I can find out what’s really going on.” 

Lowe says Wednesday evening Aneas was home when a friend came to the house looking for him.

They both left and came back a couple of times, but the third time, the friend came back alone and left again.

It wasn’t until one of lowe’s grandsons told her that something was wrong that they both ran out and found him dead.

“He can’t make us laugh anymore,” Lowe said.  “All we can have is sadness cause we have no happiness anymore.”

Lowe has raised Aneas since he was three years old, along with six of his siblings.  Alia Martin is the oldest.

“I’m never going to see him again, Martin said while crying. “I’m never gonna talk to my brother again. “I’m never gonna be with my brother again.”

The two, she says, were inseparable.

“That’s my best friend; my rock, that’s my brother that’s always there for me, no matter what,” Martin said. 

Police have not released a motive for the shooting.  There also weren’t many details released about the person in custody. Police are expected to share more information at a later date.

Aneas was a sophomore at Cheyenne High School.

This is the first homicide of 2019 for North Las Vegas Police. They had a record-breaking 36 homicides last year.

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