Coronavirus update: Quarantine continues, Chinese doctor who gave early virus warning dies, report of newborns infected

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HONG KONG (CBS) — Tonight another group of Americans is heading home from the outbreak zone in China. About 250 evacuees will arrive in San Antonio, Texas Friday, Feb. 7. Seventy others are going to Omaha, Nebraska. They’ll be quarantined on military bases for two weeks, getting checked for the deadly coronavirus.

Three Americans are among 20 passengers who have tested positive for coronavirus on a luxury cruise ship off the coast of Japan. They were seen being escorted off the Diamond Princess cruise liner under heavy quarantine to be taken to a mainland hospital for treatment.

They are among 3,700 passengers on lockdown, some of whom have posted video of what it’s like onboard: Masked health workers, virtually deserted public spaces, one passenger called the ship a floating luxury prison.

Looking at nearly two more weeks confined to her cabin, Trudy Clement is unsettled.

“Apparently we are going to be allowed out to go stretch our legs tomorrow. We are being supervised when we do that and we can only go to a certain area of the ship and we must mask up,” said Clement.

Clement said she feels like an alien.

“You look down off the balcony and you see all these people mask, gown and glove and it’s just like the people who deliver food to our room. You open the door and it’s you feel like E.T. at the end of the movie,” added Clement.

In China, one of the doctor’s who sounded the alarm about coronavirus, died today of the illness.

Meanwhile, two newborns, one barely 30 hours old, have been diagnosed with the virus.

In Hong Kong, another 4,000 passengers are quarantined on a cruise ship, The World Dream, after more than 30 crew members said they felt sick.

The good news, nearly all have tested negative, and they are waiting for one more result.

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