LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Plexiglass is becoming a hot commodity in the Las Vegas valley, as many businesses say they need it in order to reopen.

8 News Now Reporter Sally Jaramilo spoke to one valley business that’s helping supply the need and demand of many local businesses.

Plastic Man, Inc. says with the plexiglass demand being so high material prices have increased by 12%. 

Sonia Leyva is the office manager for Plastic Man, Inc., and she says business is a fabrication company that does acrylic and wood that usually works with casinos, restaurants, and conventions.

According to Leyva, when the pandemic hit, they donated plastic face shields and ventilator boxes to doctors treating patients with COVID-19.

And now business is booming because of the need for companies to use plexiglass as a barrier.

Leyva says Plastic Man, Inc, is getting requests from restaurants such as Burger King, McDonald’s, dispensaries, nail salons, dentists, and even Costco.

We been building a lot of the panels with the black brackets that they can actually put in the counter; they can either drill it down on the counter or do double-sided tape to hold it,” Leyva said. “That has been a big popular item.”

Before the pandemic, they used to get about 25-50 requests a day now that number has tripled. She says 99% of the calls are for shields, and the prices range from $165 to $385, or even higher.

Leyva says you want to take action now before they run out because some of these materials are running low and can take up to 26 weeks.