LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Copper is a hot commodity these days with it selling close to $400 per pound. From city street lights to air conditioning units, thieves are taking advantage to make cash fast.

Public Works Crews are hard at work repairing county streetlights. The county is warning the community that these outages may be a result of copper wire theft.

Las Vegas business owner, Scott Feiwell, says just a couple of months ago his roof, along with his neighbors, was raided resulting in massive damage and expensive repairs.

“We walked up to the roof just to see what was going on and we noticed that all of the copper was stripped from the condenser units,” said Feiwell. “They stripped 15 of their units as well. All of the copper and all of the copper aluminum and all of the wiring got stripped.”

Feiwell’s says the damage next door was $200,00 and it was not covered by insurance because the building was not occupied.

Feiwell has since moved their AC unit inside and has not had any issues. However, he says that as long as the scrap yards are buying, they are going to be people who take advantage. Feiwell also states that the background check when it comes to selling these items is not extensive.

“There’s no markings on it, generally the scrap yards require people to give their name, show id, and finger or thumb print, but these components aren’t components that have numbers on them that you can track so there’s not much that can be done about it,” said Feiwell

The county is asking locals to report any street lights they see out to FixIt Clark County.