Consignment shop suddenly closes, customers left in limbo

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A local consignment shop suddenly closed this week leaving its customers in limbo and wondering about the whereabouts of their belongings.

“I was there last Sunday, and I think it was full,” said Linda Glanister. 

Glanister is one of many people who tried to co-sign their furniture through Colleen’s Classic Consignment. 

“I’ve been to Colleen’s before. I’ve actually purchased furniture from them once before a couple years ago,” Glanister said. “I thought it was a good business to deal with.” 

The doors at Colleen’s Classic  Consignment are locked. There’s a note on the door and a similar message on the company’s website

“The website is like gone. It says the store’s been closed,” said Glanister. 

Glanister recently co-signed her dining table. 

“It was a dining room table set with eight chairs and a plate glass top of it, and it was worth about $2,000, and they were selling it for $1,200 it was listed in the store for.”

8 News Now is working to figure out exactly what happened. We have calls out to the Better Business Bureau and Nevada Consumer Affairs. 

We also called Colleen’s Classic Consignment, but it went to voicemail: 

“Thanks for calling Colleen’s Classic Consignment. All our stores are now closed. All outstanding balances with our customers will be receiving communication in the near future. Thank you!”

“I don’t think they sold it so they must have taken it someplace. There’s no indication of where it is or if we’ll ever see it again,” said Glanister.  

Glanister is moving to another state on Wednesday. 

An employee told 8 News Now Monday night that the owner told employees that she was closing the store two weeks ago. But, she did not give an exact date. As many as four people were let go that day. 

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