LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — While we have been doing a good job conserving water, there is even more that Southern Nevadans can do as the federal government formally declares a water shortage.

People in the booming southwest Las Vegas valley are finding different ways to conserve water — from using low-flow showers and limiting shower times to even leaving buckets in showers.

“Water conservation is incredibly important,” said Southern Highlands resident Marcus Johnson. “It impacts our ability to grow as an economy.”

Marcus Johnson keeps a close eye on water usage at his house, and sees plenty of ways to conserve more.

Johnson has five people living in his home, along with four dogs. He says he’s always finding ways to conserve water.

“I just purchased, for example, a new internet-connected watering system,” he said.

The new system analyzes the soil type and automatically shuts off when there is wind or rain.

“The system will not only allow you to select the days that you need to as per the water schedule but adjust easily to ensure you are getting an optimal mix of water as required,” Johnson said.

The Nevada Legislature recently passed AB356, which prohibits the irrigation of non-functional turf that you might see lining the streets and medians in your neighborhood. All that grass will need to be removed by the end of 2026.

Johnson encourages his grandchildren to take quick showers. He routinely checks faucets and pipes for leaks, and always takes his car to a car wash rather than washing it in his driveway.

“I watch it like a hawk every bill day and ask hard questions … why is our water up?” he said.

Realtor Rob Pistone says every home he has sold in the past 10 years has not had grass.

“A lot of people are on board with saving water,” said Pistone, who is with Keller Williams. “I’ve had a lot of clients with houses that have a lot of lawns and, number one, they want to take it off to save water.”

PIF Lending CEO Andrew Leavitt agrees.

“On purchases and refinances, we see a lot of people looking for new homes that have a lot of the features that will save water,” Leavitt said.

“We also see a lot of people doing cash-out refinances to get rid of the yards they have,” he said.

Some other recommendations if you are looking to save water:

  • Update dishwashers and toilets
  • Get a tankless water heater
  • Switch to desert landscaping
  • Cover your pool