LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After a year spent at home, there is no question that moms are struggling mentally — from winter blues to navigating kids at home.  

The New York Times has been writing some in- depth articles on moms who had to leave the workforce and stay home with the kids when schools closed, it also created a “Primal Scream Number.”  

This is a phone number for any of you to call and vent in any way you want. That’s 212-556-3800. 

8 News Now caught up with Dr. Claire Nicogossian, a clinical psychologist, who says there is something really significant about hitting the one-year mark.  

“What we’ve gone through is a global pandemic that’s created a grief response, we mourned the way we used to live our lives, mourned the way we used to show up at work, and kids show up at school and activities and connections with family and friends through school, etc.,” said Dr. Nicogossian. “It’s an incredible loss, and here we are a year later, so much uncertainty which mentally creates so much more psychological distress for some people.” 

Dr. Nicogossian says acknowledge what you are feeling, even if it doesn’t sound good, but she says this isn’t the time to dwell in negative self-thoughts — highlight your strengths.  

Don’t evaluate every single day, look at the bigger picture, you are getting through this. 

Most importantly look after your own mental health, carve out ten minutes a day to do something for yourself.   

She just published a book called “Mama, You are Enough,” which has tips for those struggling.