LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A conference to link startup companies with investors took over downtown Las Vegas Thursday morning.

The first-ever ‘‘Southern Nevada Angel Conference” was funded, in part, by a federal grant. The goal is to bring early stage investing to Las Vegas.

“Even though it’s a big city that we live in we don’t have much of a startup ecosystem, so when the investors from Portland or Austin or Southern California hear that Vegas is going to start doing something, well they want to find out what’s going on,” said Jeff Saling, co-founder, Startup NV.

StartUpNV hosted the event at Las Vegas City Hall. Among those attending the event was one start up company with a unique idea that takes a water bottle to the next level.

“We’re looking for $350,000 in Angel investment so we can build the All-Day Adventure Flask as the highest grossing bottle campaign in crowdfunding history,” said Mark Tsigounis, founder of Hibear. “You can craft all your favorite beverages from cold brew to cocktails yet it’s simple enough that you can still use it as your everyday water bottle.”

The organization operates out of the International Innovation Center, which opened last month in downtown Las Vegas. The facility is part of the city’s efforts to recruit start up companies.