LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s been a week since three men were stabbed at Craig Ranch Regional Skate Park and now North Las Vegas Police have released the 911 calls from that day.

The stabbing took place early Saturday afternoon, November 12th.

After the incident, North Las Vegas Police stated that they want to add more security at the park. 

The victims involved in the shooting range in age from 18 and 40 years old.

One of the victims called the police right after the stabbings took place.

The victim’s brother also called in, describing to police what the suspect looked like.
“He was Asian, tan, and had long straight hair,” The victim’s brother described. 

North Las Vegas Police stated that a fight occurred between two groups, and during the fight, an unknown person stabbed three men. Police also said the suspect is currently on the run.

Wesley Jordan, a skater who was at the park on Saturday believes a juvenile is the one who stabbed the three men in self-defense.

“There were two kids fighting and then the adult came. The adult lost the fight, called his friends and then they ended up getting hurt because they wanted to mess with the kid,” Jordan said.

Due to this incident, North Las Vegas Police wants to implement additional personnel at the park.

Wesley’s father, George, who has been coming to the skate park with his son for almost 20 years, told 8 News Now better patrol is desperately needed.

North Las Vegas Police confirmed that this is not a random act of violence and as for the three victims, they were transported to UMC Trauma.

Two of the victims have since been released, while the third is in stable condition.