LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — While vacation rentals are the trend in other cities it’s a different story in Southern Nevada.

Short-term rentals are currently not permitted in unincorporated Clark County.

However, the Nevada Legislature has passed a new bill that requires the county to regulate short-term rentals by July 1.

On Tuesday, a public survey from the county was launched to get input from the public on an ordinance that will be drafted to strike a balance between the right of Airbnb operators to rent out their places on a short-term basis versus protecting the integrity of our neighborhoods.

Clark County spokesman, Erik Pappa says the survey should bring more clarity.

“So we have to strike an appropriate balance and we really need the public’s input on what that balance should be.”

With Assembly Bill 363 it would require a minimum distance of 500 ft. between any two short-term rentals as opposed to a current Las Vegas ordinance which requires 660 ft. of space between each residential property.

The proposal could also override a city mandate that requires a homeowner to occupy the rental property.

“Are those standards appropriate or should we require further distance requirements? Should we limit the number of people that can stay at an Airbnb?” added Pappa.

David Kohlmyer, a retired Henderson police officer is concerned about parties, trash, parking, noise, and possibly crime.

“I’m very much actually against short-term rentals because a lot of times background checks are not followed,” Kohlmyer said.

Cyndi Koester is a board member of a valley HOA, her only concern with the survey is the variety of responses.

“I don’t think they’re going to get the answer that they’re looking for.
So there’s so many different unanswered questions and I just don’t see the survey giving our government officials the answers to resolve the unknown certainty,” Koester said.

The survey has multiple questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete.