LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the Las Vegas valley continues to grow, more projects are in the works, including one near Nellis and Las Vegas Boulevard.

Many nearby residents, such as Adrienne Donel describe what they would like to see there next, as she has lived in the area for more than three years.

“I was always hopeful that we would get a Walmart or a Target or some sort of a grocery store because we live in a food poverty area, a food desert,” she tells 8 News Now.

Donel says the closest store is four to five miles away from her townhome community which is comprised of over 500 owners.

“So we desperately need a store that might be in walking distance for people who don’t drive.
Our community is mostly retired,” she said.

Recently it came to her attention that the particular area where Walmart used to be located will soon become an industrial area, which is something the community members don’t want as they say it will leave the door open for a future manufacturing company to move in, increasing truck traffic on Craig Road.

As a result, Donel says she has helped start a petition on the matter, which will be sent to city and county leaders in an effort to voice their concerns on the process. The petition has already collected over 200 signatures.

“With a manufacturing zoning and our needs were not being considered, that’s the reason why the petition was started,” she added. “It’s it’s important because we want a grocery store.”

Carl David Ecret has been in the area for 5 years and agrees with Donel.

He describes it as something close to his heart as he was born in Las Vegas and says what he’s seeing out here is not developing as it should.

“But I’m a handicapped individual for me to go to the store. I have to take my scooter and run up the street, crossing my fingers and get across,” he said. “Anything that would take care of the customers, not a convenience store, we can’t go get fresh vegetables at the gas station.”

Clark County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick released a statement regarding the development.

This area has been a focus of mine for many years as the community here has many needs including a grocery store and new jobs. We expect a new grocery store will open near Craig and Nellis by July, and we are planning to host farmers’ markets in that area soon too. Meanwhile, we are working to bring additional new businesses to the area to provide more job opportunities for residents.

Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Clark County Commissioner