LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Since the COVID-19 quarantine started in Las Vegas, lighter traffic has led to an increase in reports of street racing. 

“It’s just super unsafe,” Roni Gulbeyan told 8 News Now. “People are racing up and down at all hours of the night and just breaking the speed limit.”

Gulbeyan shared concerns for her community Thursday, speaking about dangerous, reckless driving she’s seen in the valley. 

“As our light turned green and a motorcycle came speeding down,” she said of one experience. “Had to be going 90 to 100 miles an hour.”

Gulbeyan said she’s seen these issues for a while now, but police told 8 News Now empty streets have made things worse. 

In a press release last week, agencies announced a joining of forces to crack down on street racing. Since April 27, officers issued more than 450 citations related to speeding, racing and reckless driving.  

“I think that they’re doing a good job,” Gulbeyan said of the efforts. “And doing the best that they can with everything that is happening.”

She added that she’s happy to see action taken, but believes an even bigger police presence would benefit her area. 

“I think it would help a lot,” she explained. “Because we do have a lot of communities and a lot of families that live over here.”

Finally, she encourages anyone racing in Southern Nevada to consider the disastrous consequences that could come with it. 

“It takes one second and one accident to hurt someone,” Gulbeyan concluded. 

Law enforcement agencies said they are taking a zero-tolerance approach to racing and speeding. 

If you’ve witnessed street racing or any other reckless driving, please call 311. In the case of an emergency, dial 911.